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RAG a 03
Born: 2010-06-29

Harley comes from the wonderful cattery Eulalie in Czech Republic & came to us 2012-10-13. He is an amazing boy with super sweet temper  and who want to cuddle and purr all the time with us. He has a wonderful expression that we are so found of, powerful boning and according to us very beautiful!
We met Harley already as a kitten at his breeders home and already then we where mesmerized by him. Harley has RW TGC titles in Tica. We are extremely proud and honored to be owner of this amazing boy.
Thousands of thanks to our dear friend Eva Beckertová for giving us this possibility!
Harley is tested for:
FIV, FeLV :negativ
HCM (DNA) :negativ N/N
PKD (HCM) :negativ N/N

RAG a 04
Born: 2011-01-08

Chip or Chippen is his nickname. He is from our breeding and came back to us when he was around 1 year old. He has many strong qualities therefore we decided to keep him in our breeding program. Chip is really a wonderful male, so unbelievable mild, totally relaxed and with a wonderful temper. He is a big boy, our largest cat at home, powerful bodystructure with excellent eye color and he develops in the right direction.
We love this big, lazy teddy bear! 

RW TGC Eulalie Harley